Jade + Francis

After 9 years together, Jade and Francis embarked on an intimate and heartwarming journey that culminated in a joyous wedding day at Francis's childhood home in Connecticut. On a serene September day, surrounded by their dearest friends and family members, the couple shared a heartfelt ceremony.

As the soft rays of the sun gently bathed the scene in a warm glow, a tranquil pond served as the stunning backdrop. The ceremony itself was a delightful blend of love, laughter, and genuine emotion, as Francis's aunt, a vivacious and charming individual, took center stage as the officiant. With her magnetic presence and quick-witted humor, she effortlessly charmed the guests, painting a vivid picture of the couple's journey together. Her words resonated deeply with everyone present, reaffirming the unique and unbreakable bond shared by Jade and Francis.

Amidst the verdant landscape, an artistic marvel awaited the guests—a display of hundreds of origami cranes, lovingly crafted by Jade's mother. Each crane represented not only a symbol of luck and longevity but also a testament to the endless hours of dedication and love poured into the couple's special day.

As the evening unfolded, tender moments emerged amidst the celebration. I had the privilege of sharing a sweet and heartfelt moment with Francis's mother before my departure. Her eyes shimmered with pride and joy as she warmly thanked me for being a part of this remarkable day. It was evident that the love and support of family were at the core of Jade and Francis's relationship, and that love extended to those who gathered to celebrate with them.

Photographer: Anaise Prince Photography

Caterer: Delicacy Catering