Meet Anaise

Connecticut wedding & lifestyle family photographer

I am a calm presence on a busy day,
an extra set of hands to pin a boutonnière.

The paparazzi that captures only your best moments, while simultaneously being a fly on the wall.

I'm your hype girl, giving compliments every chance I get.
The professional that provides guidance when needed, and a friend to laugh with, to ensure the whole experience is full of ease and joy.

Get to know me

When I’m not photographing weddings I am most likely on an outdoor adventure with my family. On our way to the woods we’ll stop for donuts, and after our strenuous hike, our meal of choice is pizza. It's all about balance.

I've seen every episode of Golden Girls,

and my son's middle name is Jude because I love the Beatles.

I'm an introverted extrovert, a Gemini, and a really great listener.

A Decade of Experience

My journey began in high school, shooting film and developing my images in the dark room. Since then, I've taken countless photography courses and workshops to refine my craft. I have always been drawn to nature and the outdoors, and that influence can be seen in my work. My style is candid and documentary - I tell the story of your day with a refined and journalistic approach.

"Look no further than Anaise! Her positive, calm energy brings you down to earth so you can soak in the moments of your important day. When we look at our photos today, we smile with so much emotion. You can feel the tears, the laughter, the music, and the warmth in every photo."

"Our wedding day was perfect and thanks to Anaise we’re able to relive it every day. From the first time we met her, she connected with us as a couple and was able to capture our love. Truly couldn’t ask for a more professional, comforting and accommodating photographer."