Elsa +Fernando's Connecticut Elopement

On a rainy Fall day, Elsa and Fernando embarked on an enchanting elopement in the scenic beauty of Litchfield, Connecticut. With a vision of simplicity and intimacy, the couple chose a September date for their special day. It was a small and private affair, consisting of the couple, their devoted officiant, and their beloved four-legged companion, Bean. The chosen lodging, nestled in the picturesque Litchfield, provided a dreamy backdrop with its pretty garden and expansive green space—a serene setting that perfectly matched their vision. For them, the elopement held a unique appeal—it was an opportunity to focus solely on their love and commitment, away from the grandeur of a larger wedding. In every aspect of their celebration, they sought simplicity and laid-back elegance, making every moment feel personal and genuine. As raindrops gently fell, Elsa and Fernando embraced the romance of the weather, finding beauty in the unexpected. The rain provided a tender backdrop, accentuating the magic of their love. In every moment, the couple's hearts overflowed with joy and excitement, knowing that their elopement would be a memory cherished forever.