Patrick & Jon

The love story of Patrick and Jon culminated in a heartfelt exchange of vows on the historic stone steps of Gallaher Mansion, a charming Tudor Revival manor nestled amid the serene beauty of Connecticut's Cranbury Park. Dressed in matching green suits that symbolized their unity, the dapper grooms paid homage to their rich cultural backgrounds. The ceremony incorporated cherished Filipino traditions, with their older brothers officiating a heartfelt Yugal ceremony and their closest friends presenting the symbolic arras, adding a touch of heritage to the celebration.

Designed by Diana of Jubilee Events, the reception was adorned with a display of classic white dahlias and roses elegantly complemented by lush eucalyptus, arranged in milk glass vessels and bathed in the soft glow of twinkling lights under a delightful canopy. Patrick shared their vision, "We wanted the floral arrangements to seamlessly blend with the venue and reflect the essence of our special night – a joyous gathering filled with love and cherished memories shared with our dearest ones."

As the evening progressed, dinner was followed by a delightful surprise – Jon and Patrick cutting into a magnificent croquembouche, a traditional French wedding cake. The inspiration for this delectable treat came from their fondness for a Connecticut-based French pastry shop called Hen and Heifer, renowned for their exquisite cream puffs. Embracing the owner's suggestion, they made the croquembouche the centerpiece of their dessert selection, infusing their union with an enchanting touch of French allure.

As the music filled the air and dancing began to whirl, the newlyweds added a stylish twist to their attire, swapping their formal suits for matching customized jean jackets. The fashion-forward statement symbolized their unity and showcased their shared sense of style and playfulness, setting the stage for a jubilant celebration that would be etched in the hearts of all their cherished guests.

Patrick and Jon's love story unfolded like a captivating novel, weaving together their cultural heritage, personal tastes, and unique moments to create a tapestry of love that would be cherished for a lifetime.