“You’re the coffee that I need in the morning

You're my sunshine in the rain when it's pouring

Won't you give yourself to me?

Give it all, oh

I just wanna see

I just wanna see how beautiful you are

You know that I see it, I know you're a star

Where you go, I'll follow, no matter how far

If life is a movie, know you're the best part,

You're the best part”

- Daniel Caesar

Kelsey & Winston

Kelsey and Winston's love story began when they were young teenagers, connected by a serendipitous encounter through Kelsey's maid of honor. From the very start, their connection was vibrant, and their relationship blossomed through countless text messages, movie dates, and dinners in charming corners of Connecticut. Food became their bond, their way of exploring the world together at the tender age of 15, visiting restaurants and savoring flavors as they navigated their growing love.

As they grew older, their love evolved, and they embarked on new adventures side by side, eventually graduating together from college. Their passion for travel and culinary exploration deepened, and they roamed the world together, savoring diverse cuisines that became a cherished part of their shared experiences.

On their wedding day, the magic of their love was magnified by the care put into every detail. The couple meticulously curated a menu that was a true reflection of their journey together, a celebration of their love and unique personalities. From the selection of Burr Mansion, to the support of their loved ones, every element added a touch of intimacy and uniqueness to their special day.

The heart of their wedding day was the culinary journey they crafted for their guests. Each dish served during the cocktail hour and reception was carefully chosen to represent pivotal moments in their relationship. From the very first date to the proposal dinner and all the delightful weekends spent together, each plate held the essence of cherished memories.

Forks and Fingers CT played a pivotal role in making this dream a reality. Their culinary expertise ensured that the guests were treated to a sensory delight, relishing the very dishes that had brought Kelsey and Winston closer throughout their 13 years together. It was as if each bite carried them back in time, to the places and moments where their love blossomed.

The September wedding day was a trip down memory lane, sharing favorite dishes from various states where they had shared awesome dates. The joyous occasion brought their loved ones together over food, just as Kelsey and Winston had bonded over countless meals, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere of love and connection.

Photography: Anaise Prince

Florist: Candis Floral

Dress Designer: Sarah Seven

Cake Design: Lovely Cakes

Hair / Make-up: Beauty Icon NYC

Catering: Forks and Fingers

Rentals: Peak Event Services

Videography: Stand By Films