A minimal-ish his and hers gift guide

Moms and dads deserve some love on Christmas too, so why not give something conscious and useful that won’t go to waste in a few years time? While I may not be a big fan of gift giving and consumption, I do love treating myself from time to time and looking for sustainable, conscious products for my loved ones.

For The Home

  1. Stendig Calendar - one of my favorite decor items in our apartment is the Stendig Calendar. It’s even multi-use! Each time we rip a month off I reuse the paper whether it be for wrapping a gift (they’re huge sheets) or for use as a coloring sheet.

  2. Ikea Mesh Bags - Say goodbye to plastic bags and hello to sustainability.

  3. Yeti Tumbler - Keep your hot drinks hot, and your cold drinks cold. We have three of the 10 oz tumblers (in addition to many other sizes because we are obsessed) that we frequently use for coffee (iced and hot) on the go.

  4. Coffee Dripper - speaking of coffee, this Ceramic Coffee Dripper would be the perfect addition to your kitchen if you’re a pour over fanatic like us.

For Her To Wear

  1. Everlane Renew Fleece - A fleece made out of 100% recycled polyester, now that’s a conscious buy that I can get behind (and look forward to getting in to).

  2. Rebekah Gough Jewelry - Beautiful, delicate, and well made pieces that celebrate motherhood and more.

  3. Krochet Kids - A conscious gift that gives back, and keeps your head warm. Each product is signed by the person who it.

  4. Nisolo Chelsea Boot - It’s the stylish, classy and ethically made boot of your dreams.

For Her Self Care

  1. Billie Razor - Gone are the days of the pink tax, and needing to leave the house for new razors. It’s the razor subscription service that you shouldn’t live without.

  2. Glossier - Get the boy brow and zit stick, you won’t regret it.

  3. Linen Bathrobe - To wear while you self care.

  4. Biossance Face Mask - Clean, non-toxic skin care.

For Him

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