Steps to Sustainability

I have a lot to learn about living a conscious, sustainable and earth friendly life, but it’s a lifestyle that I am very interested in embracing. I’m taking it day by day with limiting our plastic use and waste, and I wanted to share the beginning of my eco-conscious journey in hopes to inspire others to do the same.

I’m not quite sure what inspired me to decide to make the switch, but I love the idea of reducing plastic use / waste. As a toddler mother snacks are life, and I was concerned about the amount of ziplock bags that we used / wasted, so that’s where I started. This article (in addition to a recommendation from a friend) helped me decide which bags to go with. I chose the Stasher bag (currently 25% off for Earth Day) because they are made out of silicone as opposed to reusable plastic. From there, I searched for other ways to eliminate the plastic consumption & waste throughout our home.


My haul from The Wild Minimalist includes the following:

  1. Produce Bags

  2. Coffee Filters

  3. Dish Brush

  4. Tumbler


In addition to reducing our plastic consumption, I wanted to eliminate waste and one of the biggest areas for me personally was food waste / scraps. We live in an apartment, so unfortunately we cannot compost ourselves, so we went with the next best option, Blue Earth Compost.

Using the compost has helped me significantly waste less food because the bucket is only so big. I used to throw away so much produce at the end of the week, and now that I have the ability to watch the bucket fill each week I am conscious about what I buy each week and how I consume it.


Produce bags at the farmer’s market!


We even used our produce bags for trick or treating.


I love these market bags from Ikea that help to reduce our plastic bag use.


Turns out dryer sheets are bad for the environment, so I replaced them with wool dryer balls. I also found an alternative for dental floss.


I also replaced our phone cases (not just for IPhone) with Pela’s eco-friendly compostable phone case. Get $10 off your Pela case with this link.


I’ve certainly got a long way to go in regards to reducing our family’s carbon footprint, but I’m enjoying the journey of finding ways to be more conscious about how we care for the Earth. In addition to what I’ve shared above, I’ve also replaced our plastic toothbrush with bamboo ones, and Saran wrap with Bee’s Wrap.

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