Yeah Field Trip || Santa Barbara, California

"Field Trip is a summit created for those who want to grow their business, expand their unique voice, connect with the community, and explore the new frontier of photography and image creation."

I spent 5 days in Santa Barbara California at El Capitan Canyon at a photography retreat, learning more about myself than I ever thought I would. The retreat was complete with genuine, motivated and talented photographers from all over the world; I met my idols, some of the top photographers in the country, and hung out with them all weekend. There was karaoke, a talent show, a dance party and  late night cereal from a van. I was surrounded by so much love and inspiration, so many beautiful new friends, so much knowledge, and so many ideas for the future. I can't begin to describe how amazing and life changing this experience was for me.

These are bits and pieces of Field Trip through my eyes, but these photos don't even do it justice.