A Day In The Life || The Wierzchowski Family

I am by no means a family photographer, but that's not to say that I haven't tried my hand at it a few times. I am not a fan of the awkward posed portraits, it simply isn't my style. As a wedding photographer, I capture the day as it unfolds, producing images that are full of raw and authentic emotion, natural and un-posed moments. While I certainly do not want to limit myself to weddings, I want to stay true to my approach of creating authentic moments when photographing out of my comfort zone. 

I arrived at their house just before lunch time on a warm summer day, and tagged along as they carried on their normal Saturday activity of heading to the farm to grab some goodies as apart of their CSA. At the end of the afternoon, we stopped for ice cream and happened upon a car show in the park. It was a day I'll never forget, and now because of these photos, they'll never forget it either. 

I am now offering A Day In The Life family sessions. We can spend the day adventuring, or relax at home with your favorite board game. The options are endless. 

Let's make the mundane memorable.